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Women Only Self-Defense

  • Weigh-ins: 9am February 29 

  • Training Days: March 3- 26
    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 

  • All participants will receive the Paleo Diet Plan, Tighten up t-shirt, and an unlimited VIP gym membership throughout our training days. This means you can attend ANY classes offered in our facility.

  • 4 weeks $149

Tired of the same boring machines at a traditional gym? So are tons of women out there! Our 4 week self-defense challenge, TIGHTEN UP, is just what you've been looking for! This exciting way to learn self-defense techniques AND get an amazing workout is sweeping the nation and empowering women of all ages. This challenge will consist of high intensity workouts while learning to properly submit opponent, as well as, throw punches & kicks. The drills learned will help you defend yourself against strikes, chokes, and even weapons! With an accountability partner, coaches, and teammates fighting alongside motivating you to achieve your fitness goals, you are bound for success...and a great time!  Check out the video below to see what these BJJ women are all about.




Empowering Women 2 Fight Back

Bring a friend and save $100!

Contact us today to reserve your spots! Space is limited.

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